The Sea Trout and the Fly

James Waltham
Written by an acknowledged expert, The Sea Trout and the Fly is a fascinating book written in an easy-to-understand style. Whether you are a novice or an expert sea trout angler, you will find this book invaluable for it contains a wealth of information, tips and innovative thinking supplemented by sound advice on how, and when, to use particular flies to their best advantage. Contents include: expert information about how to fish at night, in rivers with low-water conditions, in estaurine and coastal waters, and sea and freshwater lochs; a discussion of tackle and tactics and a consideration of why some sea trout flies can be used more successfully than others. There are chapters on small fry imitations, tube flies, doubles and trebles, the snake fly, demons and terrors, surface lures and much more, and finally there are detailed instructions on how to dress the flies.
The Sea Trout and the Fly by James Waltham

About the author

James Waltham has been a dedicated game fisherman for over half a century. James has contributed to many leading game-fishing publications over a thirty-year period and has written and illustrated three books on the subject. Resident - North West England.