The Stone Restoration Handbook

Chris Daniels
Whether you are an artisan, an architect or a homeowner, The Stone Restoration Handbook demonstrates the best approach and techniques to use when preserving and repairing historic buildings. It introduces the materials and the processes, and explains the proven methods to conserve, repair and restore stone, masonry, statuary and monuments. This new book is packed with illustrations, examples and advice on stone selection and working, lime and mortars, pointing, cleaning and repairing mortar and stone. It guides you through assessing the job on the first site visit through to discussing the options and difficulties you can face. This is essential reading for those who care for and repair historic buildings and monuments.
The Stone Restoration Handbook by Chris Daniels

About the author

Chris Daniels is a Professionally Accredited Conservator (PACR) and Advanced Stonemason. He has worked on a wide range of hsitoric buildings throughout the world, and has built his reputation on bringing artisan skills to the science and application of conservation.