The Vintage Years of Airfix Box Art

Roy Cross
Airfix has been commercially producing plastic kits since 1952 and its models have been made by successive generations of young boys and men alike. In the 1960s, a talented graphic artist called Roy Cross was commissioned to paint some of the box art for Airfix, and for a ten-year-period he provided many of the glorious paintings seen on the boxes, setting new standards for realism and accuracy. Many are still being used today, a full four decades later.
The Vintage Years of Airfix Box Art by Roy Cross

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About the author

Roy Cross was born in Southwark and began work as an illustrator during World War II. Over the next thirty years he produced line illustration, colour artwork and top-class advertising art for the aircraft industry and other companies, including Airfix, for whom he supplied artwork for ten years. In 1974 Roy set out on his own, following a love for ships and the sea, and began to paint magnificent oil paintings of sailing ships, for which he has found a steady market since then. He still paints and his glorious paintings can be found in art galleries and in private collections worldwide.