The Yorkshire Dales

Tony Waltham
The first in an exciting new series that tells the story of some of Britain's most beautiful landscapes. Written with the general reader - the walker, the lover of the countryside - firmly in mind, this opens the door onto a fascinating story of ancient oceans, forests, shallow seas and ice. Over millions of years the stunning limestone landscape has been laid down at the bottom of tropical seas, deformed by movements in the earth's crust and shaped giant glaciers and, in our own time, the simple effects of rivers and rain water. With the help of dramatic photographs, expert geologist Tony Waltham tells the engrossing story of the Dales, explaining just how the landscape of caves, moors and valleys comes to look as it does. Including guided walks specially designed to show off and explain the best of the national park's landforms, The Yorkshire Dales - Landscape and Geology will open up an amazing new perspective for anyone who loves this wild and beautiful area.
The Yorkshire Dales by Tony Waltham

About the author

Tony Waltham is a professional geologist and expert on the limestone geology of the Yorkshire Dales. He lives in Nottingham.