This is Fencing!

Ziemowit Wojciechowski
'This is fencing!' is a rally call heard in training centres around the country. Coined by experienced GB fencing coach, Ziemowit Wojciechowski, it embodies the passion, skill and dedication needed to excel at an international level. As one of the world's most renowned foil coaches, achieving Olympic podium success and top world rankings for his fencers, Ziemowit has sustained a long and successful career, which he now unpacks in this comprehensive guide. Using real life examples and case studies, This is Fencing! offers detailed approaches to training, tactics and exercises in the foil, providing key insights into how to create both individual and club training sessions. Key topics include: the core principles of coaching, training and performance; aspects of an individual lesson; detailed examples of footwork exercises; physical and psychological preparation and practical tactical advice during competitions.
This is Fencing! by Ziemowit Wojciechowski

About the author

Ziemowit Wojciechowski, known as Ziemek, is a former Polish Foil Champion and Olympic competitor. He has been a fencing coach for the past forty years, working closely with the GB fencing teams as National Coach for the Men's and Women's Foil Squads, taking them to worldwide championships and the 2012 Olympic games. Ziemek's distinctive coaching style and long-standing relationships have yielded a long and illustrious record of success; most notably as coach to some of the world's top fencers, including Richard Kruse (world number two), James Davis and Alexander Choupenitch. Ziemek continues to develop up-and-coming talent with his club ZFW Fencing Club and regularly travels the world giving coaching masterclasses.