Thread Painting and Silk Shading Embroidery

Margaret Dier
Thread painting embroidery is one of the most beautiful embroidery techniques. Often mistaken for painted art, it shows off the true skill of an embroiderer. This book demystifies the technique and shows how easy it is to start embroidering your own stitched masterpieces. For the true beginner and the experienced stitcher alike it will be a treasured guide, explaining the techniques and providing the inspiration to master this exquisite form of embroidery. Over 600 colour photographs support twenty step-by-step projects that range from a simply shaded topiary tree to a three-dimensional hydrangea bouquet.
Thread Painting and Silk Shading Embroidery by Margaret Dier

About the author

Margaret Dier has been embroidering professionally for over twenty years. Trained at the Royal School of Needlework, she creates thread painted jewellery and works of art for galleries, art fairs and private clients. Margaret currently works and teaches in the Royal School studio.