Torchon Lacemaking

Jan Tregidgo
Torchon lacemaking is a textile art steeped in tradition - the skills required are often perceived to be beyond the reach of ordinary mortals. In this practical book, Jan Tregidgo describes those skills through a step-by-step guide and makes them accessible to all. She explains traditional techniques through a series of specially designed samplers, which can be worked in order by the beginner or in any order they choose by the more experienced. Although colour is not traditional in bobbin lace, it has been used here to great effect so the path of each thread can be clearly followed through the sampler.
Torchon Lacemaking by Jan Tregidgo

About the author

Jan Tregidgo has been making bobbin lace since 1980 when she attended a weekend course at Missenden Abbey. From that moment she was hooked and she has been passionate about bobbin lacemaking ever since. As a trained teacher, she has been teaching lacemaking since the late 1980's: locally for Portsmouth College Adult Education classes, at residential colleges and for the Lace Guild. Jan also teaches creative textiles and has combined her modern textile techniques with her traditional bobbin lace skills to produce 'LetExist' - her 21st century approach to contemporary bobbin lacemaking. Jan was awarded a medal of excellence by the Lace Guild in 2007 for her lacemaking skills in a piece of traditional Bedfordshire lace.