Trail and Mountain Running

Sarah Rowell Wendy Dodds
Trail and Mountain Running is a practical guide for runners designed to help those who are already running off road and wanting to improve their performance, to try longer or rougher terrain with confidence, and those who simply want to venture from roads onto trails and mountain paths for the first time. Divided into three sections, the book covers: Training fundamentals - giving you all the knowledge you need to run off road in terms of training programme, looking after your body, kit and equipment and staying safe in the environment. Racing - providing more detailed advice about what to do pre, during and post race to maximize performance. Optimizing performance - more advanced information on training and racing, and supplementary areas such as altitude training, which can help performance. Throughout the book advice is given relative to four 'typical races' of different lengths and terrain; all of which is interspersed by real life anecdotes and stories from the authors.
Trail and Mountain Running by Sarah Rowell Wendy Dodds

About the author

Sarah Rowell is an Olympic marathoner turned off-road runner who has enjoyed international success on the mountains and trails. She now spends time helping others to do the same.
Wendy Dodds has combined a career as a doctor with an interest in sports medicine in parallel with a passion for fell and mountain running, at which she continues to excel in her 60s.

Press Reviews

'I might be a triathlete but off-road running is my passion. No feeling compares to floating through woods or over moorland, wet or dry. The majority of my running is off road, not only because it is more interesting but because it is crucial for injury prevention. Trail and Mountain Running provides great advice for all levels of runners who want to both enjoy running off road as well as get better at it.'

- Alistair Brownlee, 2012 Olympic Triathlon Gold Medallist