Training and Racing the Greyhound

Darren Morris
This practical book is aimed at all greyhound enthusiasts and will be of help to the more experienced professional trainer as well as the novice handler. The physical stresses of racing mean that every greyhound will, at some point, sustain some form of injury and it is therefore essential that the greyhound handler has some knowledge of injuries. Accordingly, the author places a strong emphasis on injury prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.
Training and Racing the Greyhound by Darren Morris
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About the author

Darren Morris has had a lifelong interest in greyhounds. At the age of seven he started to go to dog races and after leaving school at sixteen worked in kennels and then with champion trainers. He moved to Hull when he was twenty and became the youngest greyhound trainer in the country to hold a professional trainer's licence. In the years that followed he continued to train greyhounds and, in a career spanning more than two decades, he has taken a particular interest in greyhound injuries and the important impact they have on the racing dog. Resident - North Yorkshire