Training Gundogs

Paul Rawlings
This film presents a step-by-step guide to training a gundog. It explains how to teach a puppy good behaviour and a young dog obedience before formal gundog training begins. Topics covered include: clear expert guidance and invaluable practical footage; uses gundogs of various breeds and ages to explain the basics of obedience training; key approach is to 'train the trainer' and reward good behaviour at the right time to ensure success; formal training is shown with the dogs learning skills such as hunting, steadiness, retrieving and delivery, directional work and negotiating obstacles, and finally the training culminates in a simulated shooting-field scenario.
Training Gundogs by Paul Rawlings

About the author

Paul Rawlings is a professional gundog trainer and instructor. He works with local shoots and judges field trials and competitions across the UK, including the Kennel Club Cocker Championship and BASC Gamekeepers Gundog Competition at Crufts. Paul is a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor, running one-to-one tutorials and class lessons. He regularly writes for the Shooting Times and Dog World.