Triumph TR

Kevin Warrington
Beginning with the arrival of the company founder from Germany, this book tells the story of the early years, the rescue of the brand name by the Standard Motor Company following the Second World War and the inspired idea to use the Triumph name on a new sports car - the TR. The Triumph TR cars were built on a minimal budget yet would go on to achieve significant success in motor sport and encompass a range of cars that would remain in one form of another for nearly thirty years. Triumph TR - From Beginning to End gives a complete description of all models, competition success, a study of the derivative models, owners' accounts and living with a TR today.
Triumph TR by Kevin Warrington

About the author

Kevin Warrington has a long family connection with the motor trade, reaching back to the origins of mechanized road transport, but chose a career in the computer industry until redundancy in 2001 allowed him to indulge a passion for writing, photography and classic machinery in general. With his wife Ann, he ran a specialist motor coach company for several years, operating a fleet of 1950s classic coaches used primarily for TV film work and wedding hire. He is an occasional contributor of words and pictures to several classic transport magazines and has edited two Triumph club magazines: TR Action for the TR Register and SIXappeal for the Triumph 2000/2500/2.5 Register.