TVR 1946-1982

Matthew Vale
This fascinating book tells the complete story of the early days of TVR, from Trevor Wilkinson establishing the company in 1946 through to the Martin Lilley years, which came to an end in 1982. The design and development of these classic British sports cars, with their defining characteristics of tubular backbone chassis and glass fibre bodywork, are described in detail. Illustrated with over 200 colour and black and white photographs the book covers all the early years, including the Sports Saloon, the Jomar, the Open Sports, TVR's first true production car the Grantura from 1958, Griffith models with their remarkable 289 cu in Ford V8 motors, the Vixen and Tuscan range of the late 1960s, the M Series models launched in 1972 and finally, the Tasmin range introduced in 1980.
TVR 1946-1982 by Matthew Vale

About the author

Matthew Vale has recently retired from a career in the IT industry and is now devoting his time to writing about and restoring classic British sports cars and motorbikes. With a bias towards glass fibre bodied sports cars, he is drawn to TVR (as well as Lotus and Reliant), and this book is his twelfth for Crowood. It complements his other books on the Lotus Elan, Lotus Elite, along with the Triumph Stag and Dolomite.