Ralph Dodds
For nearly sixty years, TVR produced some of the most thrilling, spine-tingling, hand-built sports cars to emerge from any British motor manufacturer. Yet it was the period between 1981 and 2004, under the management of Peter Wheeler, when the company finally shook off its shed-built roots and proved that it could produce cars that could match anything from Maranello or Stuttgart in terms of performance, but at a fraction of their price. Illustrated with over 300 photographs, TVR - Cars of the Peter Wheeler Era tells the story of the design, development and engineering of some of TVR's fastest, outrageous and most successful cars, from the retro-styled S1, to the racing Tuscan, 1000bhp Speed Twelve and the brutal Sagaris.
TVR by Ralph Dodds

About the author

Ralph Dodds has been a TVR enthusiast since first seeing an early Tasmin convertible in Torquay in 1980. Since then he has owned three - a Tasmin convertible, a 350+2 and a Chimaera, of which he still owns two. He edited TVR Sprint, the award-winning monthly magazine of the TVR Car Club from 1992 to 2001, and from 2003 to the present day has been the Club's Public Relations manager.