Understanding and Using A Sewing Machine

Nicola Corrigan
Many people have a sewing machine tucked away in a corner, but little understanding of how to use it. With accessible and clear instructions, this book takes you on a journey, teaching and building upon basic skills to build up a repertoire of techniques and ideas, until you are a confident and creative sewer, able to design and adapt your own ideas and develop an individual sewing style. This new guide to understanding your sewing machine includes winding the bobbin; threading the machine up correctly and adjusting the settings. It also covers skills for making simple projects such as measuring, cutting, pinning, tacking and understanding fabrics. Common techniques for everyday use are given such as inserting a zip, taking up a hem and creating simple decorative applique designs.
Understanding and Using A Sewing Machine by Nicola Corrigan

About the author

Nicola Corrigan has been a textile designer, artist, maker, teacher and writer for over thirty years, and sewing for much longer. After training in printed textile design, she has worked for a range of international clients. She loves old textiles and upcycling clothes; some of this spirit influences this book.