Understanding Cinematography

Brian Hall
Cinematography is the art and craft of visualizing and recording the moving image. The cinematographer therefore has to use their technical and creative skills to photographically capture the mood of the film and the vision of the director. Done properly, they add the magic and depth to a film, giving it a defining edge. This practical book explains the principles behind cinematography, as well as the skills of the cinematographer. Having described the equipment, it looks at how to interpret the script and advises on how to find a visual style. Written by a respected cinematographer, it also explains the roles of the camera crew and the importance of working as a team.
Understanding Cinematography by Brian Hall

About the author

Brian Hall is an experienced practitioner and tutor in cinematography. His career in the BBC's Film Department spanned almost twenty-five years, mostly as a lighting cameraman but later as film operations manager. Since then, as a senior lecturer, Brian has tutored students in film production and cinematography at the Lincoln School of Film and Media at the University of Lincoln.