Caroline Gilmartin
In this book, fermented foods expert Dr Caroline Gilmartin details the production of vinegar from start to finish, covering a variety of methods for a range of skill levels. Learn how to make your own vinegars, from apple cider to raisin, in your familiar home environment, from the simplest low-intervention processes to more technical ones.
The origins and development of this well-loved condiment remain a mystery to many, so a rundown of vinegar’s history is provided. It takes an in-depth look at some of the world’s most famous vinegars that will motivate you and inspire your own creations.
Vinegar by Caroline Gilmartin

About the author

Dr CAROLINE GILMARTIN is a fermentation specialist with a background in microbial genetics and an interest in the relationships between fermentation, diet, and gut health. Having recently retired from full-time fermented food production, she is an advisory board member for the Fermenters Guild. Through her Bristol-based company Every Good Thing she sells cultures and teaches fermentation techniques.

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