VW Camper - The Inside Story

David Eccles
This revised and expanded third edition updates the story across six generations of the VW Bus and includes additional information and pictures, including more conversions, as well new information about the very early years and the latest models. Using archive and period brochure images, and photographs of original-condition models still surviving to illustrate the detailed text, it documents the various specifications, layouts, fitments and optional equipment of over forty different conversion companies, from well-known names like Devon and Westfalia, to lesser-known or unusual models such as Slumberwagen and Arcomobil. Since publication of the first edition in 2005, followed by a revised, expanded edition in 2012, VW Camper - The Inside Story has been acclaimed by enthusiasts and lovers of the VW Camper, and has become a definitive guide to the many different camping conversions built on the VW Transporter and Microbus.
VW Camper - The Inside Story by David Eccles

About the author

David Eccles and his wife Cee first got into VW Campers back in 1976 when they took a 1967 Canterbury Pitt to India and back. Two years later they bought a 1966 original-condition Devon Spaceway camper, which they used and owned right up to 2010. David has been editor of VW Camper and Commercial magazine since 2001 and is well known in the bus scene for his knowledge and passion for the VW Bus in all its forms.

Press Reviews

I didn't want to put this book down... Reference book it may have been intended to be; fascinating reading it certainly is.

- VW Motoring

This book includes all the main models and conversions, as well as many lesser known, unusual or rare conversions. An excellent gift for that special person in your life, or for yourself!

- Volkswagen Camper and Commercial

A paintstaking and passionate exploration of the evolution of the VW campervan, lavishly illustrated - a perfect gift for any VW camper enthusiast.

- Motohome Planet