Watercolour Mixing Techniques for Botanical Artists

Jackie Isard
Colour mixing is a key skill for the botanical artist. In this practical guide, Jackie Isard explains how to observe and use colour accurately. She shows artists how to make informed choices when selecting pigments, as well as how to learn about colour mixing and its application. Detailed instruction and advice are given on understanding colour and pigments. The author explains how to 'see' colour and tricky mixes, from greens and reds to the difficult botanical greys. Includes advanced colour application techniques - colour enhancement, shadow colours and colour temperature transition. Finally, step-by-step guides illustrate how to paint with layers, how to use underlaying colours to enhance, and colour and fine detailing.
Watercolour Mixing Techniques for Botanical Artists by Jackie Isard

About the author

Jackie Isard runs watercolour mixing courses both in workshops and online. She is passionate about colour, and her clear and detailed tuition has already proved invaluable for many students wishing to improve their colour mixing skills. She is a fellow member of the Society of Botanical Artists and this book will be a must for diploma students.

Press Reviews

The book is illustrated throughout with Jackie’s beautiful watercolours and provides an in-depth look at the way the right colour choices can
transform your botanical paintings.

- Leisure Painter