Weathering for Railway Modellers

George Dent
Weathering is not just about making something look dirty. Rather, it should be seen as an artistic endeavour, with the aim of making a model appear as lifelike as possible. It also helps to blend a range of separate structures into a cohesive scene. Careful weathering brings out the best in even the most mundane model, drawing attention to moulded relief and enhancing surface textures. In this latest volume, expert modeller George Dent shares his theories and practices on the art of weathering buildings, motor vehicles, ships and all manner of scenic features.
Weathering for Railway Modellers by George Dent

About the author

George Dent is Deputy Editor and in-house model maker at Model Rail magazine, one of the UK's best-selling railway modelling titles. He has built up a well-earned reputation as an expert in weathering techniques, producing a number of instructional DVDs and running practical courses on the subject. This is his eighth book for Crowood and is the follow up to Weathering for Railway Modellers Volume 1: Locomotives and Rolling Stock.