Welding for Vehicle Restorers

Bruce Macleod
The techniques used in the welding of thin sheet metal as used on vehicle bodies are vastly different to those used in welding heavier structures. This book covers the various methods of welding used to make and repair sheet metal body panels. Whereas some forms of welding are straightforward, others require a significant amount of skill. The important thing for anyone wanting to achieve a good finish to body repair work is to start with the correct techniques: skill then comes with practice. When restoring a classic car of some value, it is worth putting the time and effort into becoming skilled in the use of all the techniques covered in this book in order to achieve a professional finish to your work. With nearly 200 colour photographs and illustrations, this book lists the equipment and materials required to achieve a successful outcome. It describes the different methods of welding and how to choose the correct method for the job and provides step-by-step practical guidance to achieve a professional result. Finally, it focuses on the welding of mild steel and aluminium alloy, with some reference to the welding of brass and stainless steel sheet metal.
Welding for Vehicle Restorers by Bruce Macleod

About the author

Bruce Macleod has a lifetime's experience of all aspects of vehicle body construction and repair after initially learning from his coachbuilder father. As a highly regarded authority in his craft Bruce has trained countless professionals and amateurs in the techniques of making body panels and the restoration of vehicle bodies.

Press Reviews

Essential reading for anyone contemplating MIG welding. Some of the detail may go over your head initially, but you can always return and read it again as your skill level grows. However, you get the best results if you have an inkling of the science behind welding and the tricks of the trade. In that regard this book delivers superbly.

- Classics Monthly

" This new book from Crowood Press covers the various methods of welding used to make and repair sheet and metal body panels. This excellent book by expert, Bruce Macleod lists all the equipment and materials required, while describing the different methods of welding and provides a step-by-step practical guidance to help achieve a professional result. "

- TKC Magazine