Wet-Fly Tying and Fishing

Roger Fogg
Much has been written about fishing dry-flies, nymphs and lures but far less attention has been paid to wet-flies [which can, very broadly, be defined as artificial flies used under the water]. This fascinating book sets out to redress the balance. As the author clearly demonstrates, wet-flies still catch trout in spectacular fashion and are as effective today as ever they were in past centuries.
Wet-Fly Tying and Fishing by Roger Fogg

About the author

Roger Fogg is an enthusiastic and expert fly-fisherman with almost half a century's experience of the sport. He grew up with traditional wet-fly fishing and remains convinced that this method is a highly effective way of catching trout. New retired from a career in secondary and further education, Roger is able to devote more time to fishing the rivers and stillwaters of Derbyshire. He is the author of The Art of the Wet Fly and Stillwater Dry-Fly Fishing [A & C Black}, and A Handbook of North Country Trout Flies [Old Vicarage Publications]. Resident - Cheshire