What Witches Do

Stewart Farrar
In the living room of a London flat, a man stands naked and blindfolded. His wrists are bound together behind his back with red cord, which is looped round his neck and holds his arms up to make a triangle. A white cord is tied round his right ankle. What do witches do? What is it like to be a witch? Experience the process through the eyes of Stewart Farrar, author, journalist and witch, as he describes in detail in this new paperback edition for 2021 the activities and practices of modern-day witches. Principles of healing and clairvoyance as well as rituals, invocations and initial rites are covered in depth as Farrar accompanies the reader into the personal life of his own coven.
What Witches Do by Stewart Farrar

About the author

Stewart Farrar was one of the world’s best-known writers on the subject of Wicca until his death in 2000.; he was also a successful writer of occult novels and of television and radio plays. With his wife Janet, Stewart is co-author of A Witches’ Bible, Spells and How They Work, The Witches’ Goddess and Witches’ God: Lord of the Dance, all published by Robert Hale.

Press Reviews

At last, a really intelligent, well-written and informative book on present-day witchcraft.

- The Australian

For a growing readership Farrar's book is a balanced and authentic account of real interest.

- Publisher's Weekly

Despite changing times and practices, What Witches Do is is still an important text exploring the theories and principles of the Alexandrian initiate and the workings and rituals of a traditional Wiccan coven.

- Witch Zine reviewer