Where Does My Horse Hurt?

Renee Tucker
Many horse health and behaviour problems are rooted in chiropractic issues. Through a series of 27 body checkups the horse owner can locate where a problem lies - not always obvious! A do-it-yourself method of determining When and Where your horse hurts. This book is not intended to teach the reader chiropractic technique; it is meant as a sensbible plan of action for maintaining your horse's physical health and general happiness while preserving your sanity and your pocketbook. Your horse's body 'talks' to you in countless ways, and the pages ahead tell you what is is saying. It is a large format book with concealed wiro binding, allowing the book to open flat for ease of use.
Where Does My Horse Hurt? by Renee Tucker

About the author

Dr. Renee Tucker received her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Tennessee. She added her Certification for Animal Chiropractic (CAC) in 1998, and her Acupuncture certification in 2000. She started her own private practice, specialising exclusively in equine acupuncture and chiropractic work in 2000.She currently lives in California.