Winning Running

Peter Coe
Sustained success over years at the top of international competition does not come easily in track athletics, and some distances in particular demand higher commitment and total body fitness of the athlete. This is just one of the many aspects assessed in this informative and important new book by Peter Coe, the coach behind his son's success in nine World Records and three World Bests. The 800 and 1500m events are analysed in detail to provide an understanding of what is required to race and win. All vital components of event training are included from fitness testing; mental conditioning and multi-pace training to post-event analysis. For anyone involved in coaching middle distance running this book will help separate the winners from the losers and develop the conditions for successful running. There is a foreword by Sir Roger Bannister.
Winning Running by Peter Coe

About the author

Peter Coe was a British athletics coach, author, translator and coach of his son Sebastian Coe (Olympic Athlete).