Wood Engraving and Linocutting

Anne Hayward
Wood Engraving is a straightforward method of relief printmaking, whereby designs are drawn on to a hard wood such as boxwood. Areas of the design that are to remain white are then cut below the surface and the block is then rolled up with an oil-based printing ink, pressure applied and prints taken. Traditionally black ink is used, but it is possible to use coloured inks. Linocutting employs similar techniques, the end results are often bolder and more robust.
Wood Engraving and Linocutting by Anne Hayward

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About the author

Anne Hayward is an experienced painter and printmaker whose work has been exhibited in such prestigious locations as the Royal Academy of Arts and the British Library. Commissions have included works for the House of Commons and the Folio Society. Anne studied painting and printmaking at Southhampton College of Art & St Martins School of Art. She is a member of the Hants & Berks Guild of Craftsmen and Society of Wood Engravers.