Wooden-Bodied Vehicles

Colin Peck
Wooden-Bodied Vehicles - Buying, Building, Restoring and Maintaining provides practical advice for anybody who is contemplating the purchase, restoration or even the building of a wooden-framed vehicle. It will guide the reader around some of the common problems and pitfalls associated with such vehicles, while at the same time highlighting some of the techniques required to end up with a beautiful wooden vehicle of which they can be justifiably proud.
Wooden-Bodied Vehicles by Colin Peck

About the author

Colin Peck grew in North London and was interested in all forms of road transport from an early age. He initially worked in transport management, before moving into transport journalism and then public relations. Colin founded the Woodie Car Club in 2000 and has since restored two wooden-bodied station wagons. In addition to writing automotive books, Colin also regularly writes features for the road transport and classic car media.