Workholding for Machinists

Tim Stevens
Workholding for Machinists explains the various workholding options that are available to the metalworker, together with the principles behind them. The book explains the importance of precision in holding work in place and also the importance of tools and machines being held securely, so that the machinist may avoid damage to the machine and to the work being undertaken, and thus achieve a high quality end product. The emphasis is on creating good work within a limited budget, and a limited range of resources. The topics covered in this new book include: work holding on lathes and milling machines; collets and collect chucks; turning between centres; turning on a faceplate and tool holding.
Workholding for Machinists by Tim Stevens

About the author

Tim Stevens was apprenticed as a silversmith, and has worked in the jewellery trade, in car and motorcycle manufacture, and as a technical college lecturer. Now retired, he runs three vintage cars, and is busy in his home workshop repairing and making parts for his own machines and those of local colleagues.