World War II British Women's Uniforms in Colour Photographs

Richard Ingram Martin J Brayley
It is too often forgotten that during World War II British women made a contribution to the war effort, in uniform and under military discipline, second to none among the combatant nations. For the first time this book records the uniforms and insignia worn by the women's services in all theatres of war, in more than 220 colour photographs of rare original items from private collections. Full-length studies, modelled 'live', are supported by many close-up views and with detailed text commentaries. Together they form an invaluable reference for collectors, modellers, wardrobe departments, curators, and all readers interested in the period or costume history. This is the seventh in the Europa Militaria Special series.
World War II British Women's Uniforms in Colour Photographs by Richard Ingram Martin J Brayley

About the author

Richard Ingram is a lifelong collector of British militaria.

Martin J Brayley is a professional photographer and author, specializing in works on uniforms and militaria. He served in the armed forces for 24 years, and has a keen interest in all aspects of military history, particularly the uniforms and equipment of the 20th century. He is also a dedicated military researcher and collector and a regular contributor to the French magazine Militaria. He has had many books published by Crowood including The World War II Tommy - British Army Uniforms, Europe 1939-45 and Khaki Drill and Jungle Green - British Tropical Uniforms 1939-45.