Woven Optical Illusions

Stacey Harvey-Brown Katharina Kronig
Woven Optical Illusions explores a variety of optical effects through the medium of weaving. Suitable for weavers of all experience levels, it explains the basic principles behind the illusions and shows how to create the effects in selected weave structures to give a wide range of examples and possibilities. Projects are taken from concept through weave design and development to a woven result. With over 500 illustrations, including detailed drafts and images, this fascinating book is designed to whet the appetite of anyone who is interested in optical play.
Includes Clear step-by-step explanations of the complete design process and describes the science behind the optical effects and some of the history of their discoveries. It also incorporates inspirational images from other weavers working in optical effects and projects range from plain weave through to advancing twills, featuring tied weaves such as summer and winter, taqueté and beiderwand, double cloth, colour-and-weave, shadow weave, and deflected double weave.
Woven Optical Illusions by Stacey Harvey-Brown Katharina Kronig

About the author

STACEY HARVEY-BROWN is a weaver and writer based in south-west France with many years of experience as an artist and teacher. She earned her MA exploring how the processes of nature, in particular geology, could be translated into dimensional and sculptural form in weaving. She exhibits internationally and teaches and lectures widely. She is especially known for her work on texture and surface dimension, as well as optical effects.

KATHARINA KRONIG trained and worked as a mathematician before changing direction to qualify and work in interior design and architecture. However, she realized that her real passion was for textile design, specifically weaving. She has been a freelance designer for the industry and has sold her work internationally. Originally from Germany, she is based in the UK; her current focus is on the design of woven art.

Press Reviews

This thick pill of no less than 207 pages is packed with optics illusions for the real enthusiast. All in all, I can highly recommend this book.

- Paulien Van Asperen, WEVEN (Dutch)