Gardener's Guide to Box

Jenny Alban Davies
As long as there have been gardens, box has played a part. In A Gardener’s Guide to Box, experienced box specialist, Jenny Alban Davies, describes the use of box in a wide range of garden designs and situations. Along with useful information about the nurture of box plants as well as how to maintain clipped box in an optimal state from year to year, this book also explains the best way to grow healthy box, with the most up-to-date advice on its care. Topics include: designing with box in different styles and in small as well as large gardens; descriptions of twenty Buxus species and cultivars, with notes about their use in the garden; how to keep box topiary planted in containers healthy, and advice on controlling pests and diseases. Whether you are planning to plant a knot garden, dealing with a recent attack of blight or caterpillar, growing a box hedge from cuttings or creating your own topiary shape from an untouched plant, this book will give you the know-how to do it.
Gardener's Guide to Box by Jenny Alban Davies

About the author

Jenny Alban Davies attended horticultural college before starting a specialist box business at River Garden Nurseries in the North Downs in Kent, growing and supplying Buxus in many forms and supporting her clients with projects in box design. She has run successful topiary workshops for the RHS and also at the nursery. Her garden, surrounded by the River Darent, has been an inspiration and many of her ideas come from creating this special place.

Press Reviews

From this specialized, crowded library of Box books one might justifiably believe that “anything I need to know about box is already in a book.” However, Jenny Alban Davies’ new book, A Gardener’s Guide to Box, proves there is still more we can learn about our beloved box.
“Why did my healthy box suddenly decline and die?” Carefully reading and faithfully applying the principles in Davies’ book will help keep a gardener from ever asking this regretful question. It is a mystery that such a well-produced book, overflowing with valuable information on relevant box care, can be sold at such a modest price. Because every box gardener ought to have this reference, it is likely this price was carefully chosen so all might afford it.

- Lynn R Batdorf, European Boxwood and Topiary Society