Gardener's Guide to Protected Growing

Guy Deakins
This book is for all gardeners (be they amateur or professional), garden designers and landscape architects, who want to learn how to create and maintain a protective environment suitable for any type of plant they wish to grow. From large scale glasshouses, shelters and living boundaries, to modest cold frames and greenhouses, this book will equip readers with the knowledge to manage their protected space successfully and sustainably. Coverage includes: managing light, heat and humidity; the climate future and sustainable practices; soil husbandry and alternatives, including hydroponics; health and hygiene in protected spaces and finally, understanding biodiversity and encouraging natural allies. Industry insights from experts and professionals at internationally renowned gardens and leading manufacturers, as well as exceptional research from NASA, MIT and other leading universities, explore what’s happening at the cutting edge of horticulture and how this knowledge can be applied in your own garden.
Gardener's Guide to Protected Growing by Guy Deakins

About the author

Guy Deakins is a design historian by training and the fourth generation of his family to be involved in horticulture and design. Having had a successful garden consultancy for many years, he now gives talks on various subjects as well as writing for several publications. He is passionate about the environment and counts himself lucky to have worked alongside some wonderful clients in some exceptional gardens across the south and east of the UK.

Press Reviews

An all-encompassing guide.

- Robin Lock

Guy Deakins guide is far more than the obvious greenhouses and cloches. He also covers creating micro climates with the use of hedges, fences and walls - particularly important as windbreaks - cultivating soil to give plants the best chance, and how to garden more sustainably. Growing in polytunnels, greenhouses or under cloches can also give the perfect conditions for pest and diseases, so there's guidance on how to avoid these and what to do if they strike. Includes lots of pictures and 'Ask the Expert' sections along with highlighted hints and warnings make the information easy to understand.

- The Chatty Gardener