Abstract Painting and Abstraction

Emyr Williams
Abstract painting and abstraction can be a daunting and frustrating genre of art. How should you approach a surface? How can you use colour effectively? How can you make better, more expressive paintings? This inspiring book answers these questions and many more. Through a thorough analysis of his own work, Emyr Williams covers practical, theoretical and historical issues of abstract art and explains a wide range of working methods to help develop more demanding personal approaches to the making of abstract painting. He emphasizes the relationship of colour to surface and the importance of seeking a profound connection with your art. Further topics cover: the difference between abstract and abstraction; how an artist has developed expressive art in many different ways; maximize your studio effectiveness and manage your time better; discover how colour can be approached more effectively; learn about other possibilities for making abstract art - such as the role of technology and finally, be more demanding of your painting and make better abstract paintings.
Abstract Painting and Abstraction by Emyr Williams

About the author

Emyr Williams has been making abstract paintings for over thirty years and has explored a wide range of approaches in this time. He has exhibited across the world and teaches widely, including running courses on abstract painting at The Royal Academy, London. He regularly contributes to the art press, including Abstract Critical, Abcrit and the Royal Academy magazine.