Painting with Watercolour

David Howell
Watercolours are the first choice for many painters, but few master the full potential of the medium. This book encourages you to be bold and colourful. Written by an internationally respected artist and teacher, it offers practical ways of working with watercolours, and shares ideas and thoughts that can make your painting methods more exciting and adventurous. With over 180 illustrations, it is a beautiful book that will be invaluable for both new and experienced painters alike.
Painting with Watercolour by David Howell

About the author

David Howell is a professional painter who also regularly teaches, and is a past president of the Royal Society of Marine Artists. His paintings are primarily of landscape and marine subjects; they capture atmosphere and a sense of time and place, in locations as diverse as North Yorkshire or Arabia. He has also written Painting with Oils for Crowood.