Keeping Ducks and Geese

Debbie Kingsley
Full of information and practical advice, this book is suitable for those thinking about keeping ducks and geese, those who have recently become duck and goose keepers and want to learn more, and for the more experienced keeper. With over 290 photographs, this book provides everything you need to know, including: legal requirements; land, fencing, housing, equipment and security. There is a comprehensive list, with accompanying photographs, of over eighty duck and goose breeds. Information is available to help decide what breeds will suit you best and acquiring your first birds. Further topics covered include: feeding and nutrition; health and welfare; breeding and rearing; raising for meat, slaughter, plucking and preparation for cooking, plus recipes.
Keeping Ducks and Geese by Debbie Kingsley

About the author

Debbie Kingsley has been keeping livestock for more than three decades and runs popular courses at her farm in Devon in all aspects of smallholding, including keeping ducks and geese. She has written for smallholding publications for many years and lectures in smallholding.

Press Reviews

A truly comprehensive husbandry guide to these popular birds that will occupy a useful place in any smallholder's library.

- Country Smallholding reviewer

With a wealth of information for anyone with an interest in keeping ducks and geese, it is full of sensible advice; essential reading to enable the new keeper to get it right from the start.

- British Waterfowl Association

This new guide is more than an owner's reference book. With over 290 photos, this book covers everything you need to know including; legal requirements, land, fencing, housing, equipment and security.

- Annette Shaw, Devon Life