The Veterinary Guide to Goat Health and Welfare

David Harwood
Goats are adaptable creatures in the wild but, if kept as pets, or commercially farmed, they rely very heavily on their owners not only for food, water and shelter, but also for protection from disease or injury. This second edition has been extensively updated to include more information on current issues such as antimicrobial and anthelmintic resistance, herd health planning, and new and emerging or changing conditions such as bovine TB. It is a clearly written, well-illustrated book and should be an invaluable, practical reference work aimed at all those who own, or care for, goats whether they be commercial goat farmers, smallholders, stock people and students. It is written by an experienced veterinary surgeon, and its overall objective is to provide some practical advice on managing goats daily including tips on how to keep them fit and healthy, how to recognise signs of ill health, and when a veterinary surgeon needs to be consulted.
The Veterinary Guide to Goat Health and Welfare by David Harwood

About the author

David Harwood BVetMed, FRCVS qualified as a veterinary surgeon in 1974 and has had a long career in ruminant health and welfare. He is honorary vet to the British Goat Society and President of the Goat Veterinary Society. He worked as a veterinary investigation officer for Defra UK and has been awarded a fellowship of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. He has written many articles on the diseases, health and welfare of goats for both veterinary and non-veterinary publications.