Molly Brown
Whether knitted flat or in the round, entrelac is a great way to produce intriguing knitted pieces with a seemingly woven look. With clear step-by-step tutorials and illustrative images, this book explains the anatomy of entrelac and how to build up rows of nested triangles and squares. Practise the technique with the different swatch instructions before following one of the book’s three patterns, which can be further customized through variations and embellishments. Once you have mastered the technique, there is plenty to inspire your next entrelac project as well as advice on creating your own original designs.
Entrelac by Molly Brown

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About the author

Molly Brown teaches a variety of knitting techniques at the Knitting and Stitching Shows, as well as locally to where she lives in Chester (UK). She has been knitting for over forty-five years and enjoys teaching people new techniques and helping them find easier ways to achieve beautiful results.

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