Rita Taylor
Socks are a quick, portable knitting project, but with numerous ways to create the heels and toes, they can seem complex. This accessible book breaks down the key construction techniques with step-by-step tutorials and examples, to demystify the process for new knitters and inspire more confident knitters with new stitch patterns and finishes. Measuring guides, yarn advice and design considerations also ensure you can produce socks that are not only well-knitted, but fit well and are comfortable too. Topics covered include: types of yarn, needles and equipment, including how to use circular and double pointed needles; sock construction techniques for different heels and toes and finally, sizing and measuring with consideration to different sock styles and purposes. There are thirteen complete sock patterns to practise the different construction techniques.
Socks by Rita Taylor

About the author

Rita Taylor is a self-taught knitter who has been designing for more than twenty-five years. She has designed for yarn companies and several publications, including top knitting magazines such as Knit Now and The Knitter, and is keen to pass on her knowledge to others so that they can continue to promote this long established and practical skill. She has a degree in history and has spent many years researching the traditional and social aspect of knitting from all parts of the world. Two of her previous books, Aran Design and Scandinavian Knitwear, were also published by The Crowood Press.

Press Reviews

This is a comprehensive guide to sock knitting aimed at beginners but with plenty to teach more experienced sock knitters too.

- CB, Knitting Magazine Issue 234

This handy little guide is a great starting point for novice sock knitters.

- Kirsty McCloud, Knitter

This is the book I wish I had when starting to knit socks. There are some very technical books on sock knitting on the market, and this one I would pitch at those starting out or wanting to understand sock design and looking to customise or branch out from the plain simple sock designs.
At £9.99 this would make a great gift for someone just starting to make socks or for those of us wanting to try some different techniques. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

- Natalie Tidy, Slipknot Magazine

This would be a very useful book for an ‘improver’ who wanted to expand their range of techniques and skills.

- Heather Seddon, Journal of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers