Directing for the Stage

Richard Williams
What is the role of a Director? Tyrannical dictator or creative persuader? Why does the audience matter when interpreting a play? How do you get the best out of actors and what do they expect from you? Directing for the Stage addresses the key questions surrounding this venerable and yet often invisible craft, offering practical guidance on the crucial moments of creating a stage production, including budgeting, auditions, rehearsals, opening night and beyond. From knotty discussions on Shakespeare, to when to call a coffee break, all aspects of the Director's art are examined, including the history and development of the stage Director; how to commission and original play or obtain rights for an existing work; how to timetable the production process - from concept to last night and an hour-by-hour guide to rehearsals and all major approaches.
Directing for the Stage by Richard Williams

About the author

Richard Williams is an award-winning theatre and opera Director. He has directed plays worldwide in London's West end, New York, Canada and Japan, and held the role of Artistic Director in four major theatre companies across the UK. He now teaches at Drama Centre London where he lectures on theatre practice and history.