Costume and Design for Devised and Physical Theatre

Tina Bicat
Costumes designed and made for devised or physical drama, for contemporary circus or for dance, differ radically from the more traditional costume work produced for naturalistic performance. For those working in the field - whether professional or student - these differences present challenges that this book seeks to highlight and explain while offering effective solutions to overcome them.
Costume and Design for Devised and Physical Theatre by Tina Bicat

About the author

Tina Bicat's work with theatre, dance, circus and carnival ranges from one-man shows to productions with casts of hundreds. As well as more traditional costume and set design, she has specialized in costumes devised and made with the actor in rehearsal, and with puppets, objects, instruments, transformations, tricks and special effects. She combines freelance design for professional performance with her work with students in the drama department of St Mary's University College, Twickenham.