Making Simple Marionettes

John Roberts
Marionettes are loved by puppeteers and audiences for what they can do on stage, but they can be challenging to design, make and perform. This beautiful book clearly explains the process from making the puppets to putting them on strings and bringing them alive. Detailed step-by-step instructions are given to make three marionettes - a walking bird, a dancer and a wooden man - each using different tools and materials, with progressively more tricky techniques. Written by a leading puppeteer, it celebrates the art of the marionette.
Making Simple Marionettes by John Roberts

About the author

John Roberts has been passionate about puppets since he was five. He is a highly respected puppeteer and worked as a director of the world-renowned Little Angel Theatre in London. Thirty years ago he moved to rural Devon to set up his own company, PuppetCraft. As well as being a skilled designer, maker and performer, he regularly teaches puppet making to adults.