The Prop Maker's Workshop Manual

David H Rigden
For many people, even within the theatre industry, prop making is something of a 'dark art', practised by gifted individuals who manage to produce intricate works battling against short deadlines. However, the skills of prop making are relevant to many industries and contexts, whether for art projects, carnival floats, live action role-play (LARP), model railways or film and television. The options and applications are endless, but the traditional skills remain the same. The Prop Maker's Workshop Manual is a definitive guide to the materials and practices used within the professional performing arts industries, covering both traditional techniques and modern practices. Supported by original hand-drawn illustrations and over 300 colour photographs, topics covered include: paper mache and card construction; flexible canes and withies; timber and steel frameworks; sculpting, moulding and casting processes; texture and paint techniques; GRP and epoxy resins; thermoformable plastics, including Plastazote and Wonderflex and finally, an introduction to life casting.
The Prop Maker's Workshop Manual by David H Rigden

About the author

David H Rigden was the Master Prop Maker and Head of Props Production at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School for twenty-seven years and has been involved in theatre for more than thirty-five years. His time spent instructing students in the art and practice of prop making has provided him with unique insight into how materials and techniques can be used in diverse ways to achieve the same ends, dependent on budget, time and workshop restrictions.