Stage Fighting

Jonathan Howell
Stage Fighting reveals the practicalities of choreographing realist fight scenes on stage in a way that is both convincing for the audience and safe for the actors. All kinds of combat are explored, ranging from ritualised swordplay through to the slaps and punches of a bar-room brawl. The book takes the reader behind the scenes and explains how the illusion of the fight is created, looking at topics such as working with a partner; warming up; trainong, rehearsing and performing; and creating realistic sound effects.
Stage Fighting by Jonathan Howell

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About the author

Jonathan Howell is senior tutor of stage combat at the UK's Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Jonathan studies at Goldsmith's College, London, and has worked as a dancer, actor, choreographer and director, as well as creating fights for theatre, television, musicals, opera and ballet. He has been Chairman for the Society of British Fight Directors, the British Academy of Dramatic Combat and the Fight Directors' Register for British Actors' Equity.