The Handbook of Techniques for Theatre Designers

Colin Winslow
Theatre designers need to be proficient in an extraordinarily diverse range of skills to carry out their work. They are expected to be able to draw, both creatively and technically, to be able to use colour imaginatively, to make accurate scale models of their set designs, to design costumes, whether of a specific period, modern or entirely fantastical, to understand the relationship of their work to stage lighting, and to be able to use computer-technology in creative and imaginative ways. Topics covered include: Instruction on drawing and sketching, the use of colour and hand-drafting techniques; Advice on model-making, textures and perspective; A Guide to costume designs and costume-rendering techniques In-depth look at creative use of digital techniques; Practical methods for the effective presentation of a range of design-work. Drawing on a lifetime's experience as a professional theatre designer and teacher, Colin Winslow describes these techniques in detail with explanatory drawings and photographs, and suggests practical ways to acquire them.
The Handbook of Techniques for Theatre Designers by Colin Winslow

About the author

Colin Winslow is a stage designer, lecturer and teacher with many years of professional experience. He has been head of several theatres, including The Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh, the Redgrave Theatre in Surrey, The Manitoba Theatre Centre in Winnipeg, and Ensemble in Amsterdam. He has taught stage design in many schools and universities, and now resident in Canada he teaches stage design at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Among his previous publications for Crowood are The Handbook of Set Design and The Handbook of Model-making for Set Designers. He is a Life Honorary Member of the Society of British Theatre Designers.