Traditional British Poultry Breeds

Benjamin Crosby
A growing interest in keeping livestock and living sustainably has encouraged many people to keep poultry as part of a self-sufficiency dream. This book is a practical guide for both novice and experienced poultry-keeper alike. It identifies the basic British poultry breeds and assesses the qualities of each, explaining their attributes to help today's hobbyist understand which breeds are most suited to their needs. Detailed photographs clearly show the appearance of each breed and what should be looked for or avoided when selecting breeding stock.
Traditional British Poultry Breeds by Benjamin Crosby

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About the author

Benjamin Crosby has had in interest in farming and self-sufficiency since an early age and has bred poultry for many years. He is passionate about promoting the value of traditional British breeds to domestic keepers, and runs two invaluable information websites to support anyone interested in traditional British breeds.